How To Track Your Order?
Following the tracking method that constitutes our Shipping Policy. If shipping information isn't listed or answered here, head on over to “Contact Us” and ask for help.

As the order is shipped, a shipping confirmation will be sent to you. You may see further tracking information by clicking on the tracking number on the shipping confirmation page. 

You may also refer to the official website for the corresponding courier to track further tracking information. For shipping countries of the United States and Canada, we usually ship by FedEx, USPS, and UPS. 

Refer to the official website of the couriers by clicking on the photo below.

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How To Track International Shipping Orders?
If your shipping address is out of the United States and Canada, that means your package is shipped by international shipping. For international shipping packages, please track at a third-party tracking site 17TRACK:

If your address is in the United States or Canada, but you could not acquire tracking information through the 3 couriers mentioned, your packages could be shipped by international shipping. In that case, you could track your package at this site as well.
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