The heart of every C.C.Rider seat. The exact shape, angle and density of every seat are precisely calculated using C.C.Rider proprietary controlled-density polyurethane foam formula. Combined with design experience, the result is no break-in, no sagging and all-day comfort for the rider and passenger.

  • Offers even weight dispalcement to eliminate pressure points or “hot spots”
  • Known to retain its shape and support after years of ues
  • Soft enough for comfort, resilient enough to withstand 1,000-mile days
  • Allows proper blood flow to diminish numbness or pain
  • Durability: retains its comfort and support in hot or cold temperatures

Beauty is only skin deep, but the skin is what shows. C.C.Rider precision-cut, hand-stitched seat covers are made from the finest materials and can't be massed produced. Only an experienced stitcher can make a perfect C.C.Rider seat.

  • Made from hign quality expanded vinyl
  • Offers the appearance of leather but the durability and resistance to elements that exceed OEM standards
  • All seams are reinforced for strength and weather resistance
  • Hemmed bottom edges hand-riveted to baseplates for strength
  • Available in a wide variety of vinyl textures and stitch patterns

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